The Cross and the Great Divide

Pictured: The Cross in the front yard of our friend Danita’s home near Hollister, California

Pictured: The Cross in the front yard of our friend Danita’s home near Hollister, California

For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.
— 1 Corinthians 1:18

This one symbol stands for life… eternal life. It stands for the unconditional love and grace of God poured out as a sacrifice for all humanity. It stands for the faith, obedience and conviction that lead Christ to lay down His sinless life for our sin. It is an empty Cross to remind us that our Saviour is risen from the dead… that the way has been made for complete forgiveness and reconciliation with the Father, the creator of all things.

Crucifixion was invented by the Persians in 300-400BC and developed, during Roman times, into a punishment for the most serious of criminals. The Cross on which Jesus was executed 2000 years ago has been a symbol for his followers from very early on but after the Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity in the 4th Century, crucifixion was abolished as a punishment, and the Cross was promoted as a symbol of the Son of God.

In these modern times the Cross is used by many in fashion for cosmetic jewellery and design. Some would have no comprehension of the deep spiritual significance it means to those who have been set free from the shame of their past and the curse of unforgiven sin. But to others it is a glorious and victorious symbol of celebration of the ‘life’ they’ve been given because of Christ’s act of love on a criminal’s Cross. What a magnificent sight! He is risen! He has called us to follow Him for eternity.

A couple months ago Kerrie and I had the immense privilege to visit that very place… a location called Golgotha, the place of the skull. It is now the backdrop to a busy bus transit station. Yet that in itself shows me the love and humility of the Saviour. He never came to earth in some grand charade of splendour… He came as the servant king.. Yet He owns the universe.

Next year in March we plan to return to Jerusalem and to that place of the skull as we host our ISRAEL TOUR 2020. You are welcome to join us on the journey.

Thanks for your interest and support of the work we are doing.