Billy Graham

Honouring a Humble Hero

Pictured: An opportunity to meet Billy Graham in 1998.

Pictured: An opportunity to meet Billy Graham in 1998.

He reached more people in his lifetime than any other person in history. His message was simple and real.. His message was Jesus.. I will never forget the time I met Billy Graham with my wife Kerrie. Backstage at a major evangelistic crusade in Alburqueque, New Mexico. It was May 1998 and I’d been invited by Franklin Graham to sing to the massive crowd that filled the football stadium. It was an historic event and one of the final Evangelistic Rallies that Dr Graham would be preaching at after decades behind the microphone and public events in nations across the globe.

The remarkable thing about Billy Graham was his down to earth approachability and genuine care in every conversation. He had an unconditional love for all people’s. He probably did more to empower oppressed people groups and bring hope to civil rights than any other man of his time. His message bought real revival to nations in the post WWll years, including Australia… a country he had a great love for. 

For Kerrie and I it was such a privilege to meet Billy Graham and his family. That North Carolina spirit of hospitality is very authentic.. It was like catching up with an old mate as he reflected on his many memories of missions to Australia. 

Our prayer is that millions more will take on the heart, passion and convictions that compelled Billy Graham to bring the good news to a lost and dying world. THANK YOU BILLY.

– Steve Grace

One Hundred Years of Hope

 “Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord … that they may rest from their labors, and their works follow them”  
– Revelation 14:13

His humble message of hope and his vision to travel the nations of earth proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ has seem millions of lives transformed. Billy Graham communicated to over 215 million people through his public rallies in 185 nations. Countless lives have been changed as the Gospel of Jesus Christ was passionately preached to generations. Billy had a way of connecting with cultures like no other. 

We simply want to express our thanks and offer our heartfelt prayers to the Graham family at this time as they farewell a man greatly loved and admired globally. Thank you Billy for your legacy of faith and a hundred years of hope in Christ’s promises. We are grateful.