Hope for Australia

Pictured: Steve with some of the amazing kids of Doomadgee community.

Pictured: Steve with some of the amazing kids of Doomadgee community.

We are now united with Christ Jesus. We were all once without God and without hope, but now we have been bought near to God by the blood of Jesus Christ, for he himself has bought peace to us. He has bought us together as one, in his body on the Cross, He broke down the wall of hostility that once separated us.
— Ephesians 2:12-14

I wrote and recorded a song a few years back called Western Desert Sun. The lyrics of the chorus are:

“we have a dream, we have a dream, we’ll work together in a place that we agree. We have a dream, in Jesus we are one, we’ll build a future under the western desert sun”. 

One thing I have discovered over many years of ministry with our Aboriginal brothers and sisters is their great desire to know the creator of all things, to be set free from curses of the past and to live with a future and a hope. They do not pursue personal wealth and material possessions, just a true sense of dignity, identity and belonging. We can learn so much from the tribal peoples of Australia.

I love making memories and doing ministry in the desert and tribal regions. There is so much excitement for singalong's and Bible teaching, I’m inspired by their depth of appreciation. The kid's have endless energy and are hungry for life... As I listen to the old men and the old women, they long for the days when life was so much simpler. They love to sing the old Gospel songs from their childhood days… songs about Jesus. He is the one who paid the price of their sins and took the spear on their behalf, so that they could live with the promise of eternity. It is the good news of Jesus that is the only hope for Australia.

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