3 Week Mission to South Australia

The recent drought in South Australia put preparations on hold for many farmers across the Eyre Peninsula. Planting seed crops for the new season were delayed as the traditional ANZAC Day rains never came this year.

Still, you will have to drive a long way to meet a farmer who has given up hope. The families on the land across the Eyre and Yorke Peninsula’s are just about the most resilient, hard working people I’ve ever met. Every year this agricultural region faces big challenges with droughts, bushfires, insect and mice plagues etc… And yet it is famous as a grain producing region due to the tenacity and will of the families working the land. 

Over the coming weeks we will be doing events in many of the rural communities and we appreciate your prayers. Thanks to those who have invited us to come and pray for rain and preach the Gospel. Yes it’s winter in South Australia but we believe this is where God has called us to at this time!

– Steve & Kerrie