Half Way There!

Steve and the Crossing Australia team in Alice Springs, NT.

To everyone who has donated towards our Crossing Australia project.. Thank you. We are extremely grateful to have you on the team. The journey so far has been a lot of hard work and yet it’s also been so rewarding. The community BBQ events have been well attended and the messages we’ve shared about combatting depression and suicide have been greatly appreciated. In some remote communities we’ve been able to give every kid in town a ‘joy ride’ on the Harley, donate footballs, frisbees and beanies, plus introduce them to the local youth workers and counsellors.

Can you help us get the word out by sharing our Facebook and Instagram posts and updates? If your friends and families can also see the value of the work we are doing in remote regions of Australia I know they will want to partner in the vision. We believe that by bringing communities together to talk about suicide and depression, we can make a difference across this nation.

Tomorrow is World Suicide Prevention Day. Lets all do our bit to help those around us choose life and live it to the full. Let’s be people who help others through the difficult times. Thanks so much for being on the journey with us!!!

Steve and the Team