The Dream of Crossing Australia

Photo: Chris Tangey (ASFTV).

A few years have passed since I came up with the dream of crossing the continent of Australia on a motorcycle... the hard way. The original dream was to ride an old Harley Sportster on desert tracks from Shark Bay to Byron Bay venturing through some of the great wilderness regions of the Great Southland. The dream was never meant to make sense. It was always a mission destined with potential failure. Just like the journey of life.

So much about life makes no sense and is subject to setbacks and failure. Life is hard. When we get blatantly honest with ourselves we soon realise we cannot do the journey on our own. We were never created to be alone. Crossing Australia the hard way on a Harley Davidson motorcycle doesn’t make much sense… just ask the folks at Harley Davidson head office in Sydney, Australia. They are not interested in supporting the campaign, even though we are doing the ride to fight the curse of depression and suicide that exists like a cancer in remote and rural regions of Australia. Most of the support for the venture is coming from people who have been there… people who have lost loved ones to suicide, some that still struggle with the ‘black dog’ of depression. Support is coming from ordinary people, tradesmen, truckies, paramedics, bikers, small business owners and friends. We are grateful.

"Crossing Australia the hard way on a Harley doesn’t make much sense… just ask the folks at Harley Davidson"

The Crossing Australia expedition is filled with invitations from isolated towns and remote communities who are excited about getting everyone in town together for a BBQ and a concert. These towns know the reality of loss and grief. We want to bring them hope which we know can only come through a relationship with the creator of life.

I want to thank my mate Phil Sprigg and Coates Hire in Western Australia for standing with me in the dream of Crossing Australia. A company that seems to understand the need to bring issues like depression and suicide out of the shadows. Thanks so much for your support. Crossing Australia starts in 28 days.

We’ve started a GoFundMe campaign if you’d like to join the adventure. Otherwise you can subscribe to our YouTube channel and keep updated via FaceBook and Instagram. Thanks for your support.