Report from Trent

Pictured: Trentan Kruger in Alice Springs, Northern Territory.

Pictured: Trentan Kruger in Alice Springs, Northern Territory.

It has been an incredible honour to be welcomed into so many remote Aboriginal communities these past weeks with Steve, representing the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. I'm always overwhelmed when I do this work at the many - very different, dynamics that exist within and between these Tribal groups.

These people live in an ever conflicting system of expectations and traditions that have been deeply rooted in Indigenous culture for centuries, yet are pressured to conform to a white man's way and live in government funded establishments with Western education. These two worlds are forever warring each other and create issues far too complex to be solved by money and political planning. I'm convinced that the only way we will see our Aboriginal brothers and sisters free from the bondage we've placed them in, is through salvation in Jesus Christ and His presence in their lives. Hence, in summary, I believe that now, more than ever, we need to be continually following up the work of the Lord in these communities.

We saw that many locals, after having returned from "Reality" with a decision made to follow Jesus, have really struggled to maintain and follow through with their commitment, purely because of the lack of Christian encouragement in these remote corners of the desert. Once they come to a faith in Christ, they then have a further challenge in reconciling their new faith with The old law and traditions. We need continual bible teaching, workshops, singalongs and Christian materials to be going into these communities to truly disciple our brothers and sisters into a healthy, loving relationship with Jesus Christ.

I'm so humbled to have been a part of this work and want to thank you, the BGEA, for your heart for our nation Australia, and the want to see EVERY one come to a faith in Christ. Being with Steve on this trip, I have learnt more about the situations of our Aboriginal people and The best ways we can serve them and grow with them - I do believe that Together we will make a difference.