When Roads Become Rivers

Pictured: Trentan Kruger and Brendan Owers.

When the big rains fall in the central deserts of Australia the outback roads become rivers so you have to be very wise to ensure you don’t get stranded out there. We had planned to visit the remote communities of Haast’s Bluff and Papunya last weekend knowing the rains were on the way. But we didn’t get far off the Glen Helen road when the road became a river. So we turned back just in time as the roads were officially closed after that. Many of the outback roads are graded into the landscape so become filled with water rapidly and catch many drivers unaware. We made it back to Alice safe and are focussed on doing concerts and singalong’s in the Town Camps surrounding the town.

A huge thank you to Brendan Owers who has been on the road with Trentan and I for the past 2 weeks serving the ministry. Brendan’s stories and messages have had a big impact of audiences everywhere we’ve travelled and his love for God and people has been an inspiration. Thanks mate. Thanks to Ali and the kids for letting Dad go ‘bush’ for a few weeks and serve in remote regions of our big country.