News from Ryan & Kathleen

Pictured: Ryan & Kathleen, March this year.

Pictured: Ryan & Kathleen, March this year.

I never thought one day I would go back to studying after my one year at Hillsong College. I thought I was done with being a student. But little did I know how wrong I was after recently moving back to the Sunshine Coast with my wife Kathleen. I started a new job building fences, things were going good, we just moved into our new house. About 2 weeks ago I showed up for work as usual and to my surprise was layed off due to not enough work. I’m not gonna lie I was a bit angry and confused with God and on the way home from work had an interesting conversation with God. He basically drew a line in the sand for me and said, "When are you gonna start believing in the calling on your life and stop ignoring it".

I had told people about the church that God told me to start awhile ago with a built in rehab centre in it called, Freedom Centre.  A church where people will not only find freedom from there broken heart but from there addictions as well.  Just like I did for you.

He told me it’s time to start taking steps towards it, not just always talking about it. So I have enrolled in a dual diploma of drugs alcohol and mental health. This will give me the qualifications to work in a rehab centre and when the time comes start my own. Kathleen and I would greatly appreciate your prayers and support for this new season. It’s a big step of faith but we believe its a step towards our future. 

Thanks Ryan & Kathleen Grace.