Thank You

Pictured: Steve & Kerrie in Shark Bay, WA at the beginning of Crossing Australia.

Pictured: Steve & Kerrie in Shark Bay, WA at the beginning of Crossing Australia.


Our apologies for a long delay between Weekly Updates… The weeks following the Crossing Australia mission have been ones of recovery from exhaustion. To be honest we are still recovering… But ready to get back into the immediate plans ahead. The Nullarbor to Nashville Shed Night Tour kicks off in Perth on Saturday 29th October heading east towards South Australia. Stay tuned for the full tour schedule!

Kerrie and I want to thank everyone who helped out on the Crossing Australia project. It was a huge step of faith for the team involved and we are still getting ourselves organised and following up with so much. A big thank you to Phil and Helen Sprigg for all the behind the scenes work they have also done in recent weeks. 

"Crossing Australia was a historic achievement. The first Harley Davidson to ever cross the deserts of Australia from west to east."

An incredible team of volunteers, lots of prayer, generosity and determination made the mission a great success. The ministry we were able to accomplish in remote communities along the way was by far the highlight of the month long expedition. Financially we have a shortfall of about $5,000 which we are working hard to recoup before moving on to new projects and tours.

We thank God for the opportunity we’ve had to achieve what many said was impossible!!  I’ve now got an appointment with some of the management team of Harley Davidson Australia to discuss ways we can work more effectively with suicide prevention in remote regions of Australia. So pray with us for a great outcome!