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Harley Heaven

Warren Erb and I caught up with Trentan Kruger in Nashville last week on a flying visit. It was the big Country Music week there. After one night we were so peopled out by the massive crowds we rented some Harley Davidsons the next day and headed east on the ride of a life time. […]

Blackall Event

We had a fantastic event in Blackall last Sunday night at the Blackall State School. A free community event with Dinner, music, coffee and the country callback display where we handed out fridge magnets to promote the helpline. We encouraged people to take them for friends and family who are doing it tough.

We ended the […]

Country Hospitality

We turned up to a sheep station north of Longreach called Hereward to be greeted by a young couple managing the 30,000 acre property and working hard to keep 9,000 sheep alive. They are determined to see this property succeed through the drought so the hours are long every day but they took some time […]

Tragedy of Drought

It’s not only the cattle and sheep that suffer in severe drought. The native animals of the land, especially Kangaroo’s and Wallabies become victims as well.

The animals are attracted to the greener grass growing in the table drains alongside the roads and sadly become roadkill victims. It is estimated there are up to 10,000 dead […]


God sure delights in bringing the most amazing people into our lives as we serve Him. Last week Cheyne and I had the privilege of spending a few days with Ken and Pam Duncan on the Central Coast of NSW.

In my books Ken is by far one of the greatest photographers in Australia… But even […]

Thanks Trent

He’s the ultimate roadie who will drive through the night to get to the next destination, he’ll make you the best barista style coffee you’ve ever tasted and he performs and plays guitar like a music legend.

We want to thank Trentan Kruger for his tireless service to our ministry as he departs this week for […]

Thanks Cheyne

The tour team has been a small one on this recent Droughtland Rain Tour, but we’ve achieved so much. Apart from the BBQ concerts, church services and a few pub gigs, Cheyne Grace also set up an espresso coffee cart at our events and people sure loved it! Thanks Cheyne for all you do in […]

Remote Pastors Gathering

Baptist Pastors and their families travelled from every remote region in Queensland last weekend simply to be together, worship and pray, and make a few memories.

When I heard they were all getting together near Longreach, I did a dirt road trip on the Harley to spend some quality time around the campfire with them. These […]

Population Zero

The town of Morella is 70kms north of Longreach. It disappeared a few years back when the trains stopped coming. The town literally ceased to exist as shops and houses were all moved on but the well constructed Country Woman’s Association hall remained. It is now the only gathering place for families living on remote […]

Nashville Bound

It’s been an amazing year so far, and it’s bringing some new opportunities for us Skypilot boys, both as a band and as individuals. We’re all super excited to see what’s around the corner, and I’ve personally been praying about what these next few months would look like for me, as Jordan and Paige head […]