World Missions International is an International Evangelistic Ministry that is in love with God, Life, and People; changing their world one life at a time through music, media and strategic missions to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a culturally relevant way.


In 2006 some documents were donated to Steve and Kerrie Grace. The title deeds to a Non Profit 501c3 organization that had been stored on a shelf for over 30 years. It was the beginning of a new era for Steve Grace Ministries, opening a door to establish the work in the USA and expand the ministry and vision.

Today, Steve and his family are involved in leading missions trips throughout Australia and the South Pacific, as well as partnering with organizations in Africa, the Middle East and USA.

“Helping to train and develop young people and musicians who have a heart for missions”

It’s still early days… But the adventure of getting “out there” is for every one of us! Time to kill the TV and get a vision for making a real difference in the lives of those in need.

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