So I determined with myself, that I would not come again to you in heaviness. ll Corinthians 2:1

The Apostle Paul was good at talking to himself… At speaking to the deep places of his heart in times of discouragement. He knew that when he was out on the road doing ministry his message must be one that brings life, hope and joy to people burdened by sin and persecution. So he challenged himself to lift his spirit’s and get filled with the fire of God’s spirit.

Even David throughout the Psalms spoke to himself many times. “Bless the Lord Oh my soul, and all that is within me, bless His holy name”. Psalm 103:1

Some times it’s just you and the absolute truth of God. As Pastor Jon Courson says on this subject “I’m not going to get down. I’m going to talk to myself about about what God has done for me, how good he has been to me, how He’s seen me through many times before”. Encourage yourself in the Lord. Talk to your soul. Speak out the scriptures… read them aloud. As they go from your mouth into your ear, let them bless your heart.

We all go through times of heaviness and discouragement. I know that to be true. Even this past week, after being on the road for literally months of ministry.. I’ve been forced to stop and rest and let my body heal from a past injury. I don’t like sitting still…. but I do know it’s essential. So I’m telling myself, talking to myself and praising God for His unending faithfulness.

Thanks for your partnership and prayers.


Pictured: A simple but strong Bible verse from Isaiah 30:15. An old plaque from the Rockhampton Baptist Tabernacle 150th Anniversary.