Without a Vision the people perish.

“Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit”, says the Lord Zechariah  4:6

You have to drive a long long way to take a picture like this…. It is way out in the middle of nowhere in outback Queensland. Without a few strategic signposts along the way you would get lost in no time at all…. and be even harder to find…. for even longer. That’s just the way it is in Outback Australia.

Just over a week ago the nation of Australia held a federal election. The people went to the polling booths on voting day to cast their votes. The sad reality is the nation is divided. We are a nation that no longer knows what we believe… therefore we flounder in a void of indecision and indifference. We have lost our way. As you read this Australia is without legitimate leadership.

The Bible records many times that God’s people hardened their hearts against Him and found themselves in a wilderness. So it is nothing new to be lost without good leadership and clear signs of the way ahead. We simply need to get back to basics. Even s a team traveling on the road around Australia, we recognise the importance of starting every day before the Lord. Waiting on him and expecting Him to lead us every day. We need Jesus. We need God’s word. We need the intervention of His Holy Spirit in all we do.

“Obey my voice, and I will be your God and you shall be my people, and walk in all the ways that I command you” Jeremiah. 7:23

Thanks again for your prayers. Nearly a month into the Heritage Tour and we are going strong. Thanks for your partnership.


Pictured: On the way to Charters Towers, Queensland.