G’day from Steve,

September 28th, 2009|G'day From Steve, Latest News|

A Drink in the Desert. OK… Last weekend I got to be an Enduro Rider!! Along with many other riders in the Annual Desert Storm Enduro In Nevada.. Yep, it was a ride I have been looking forward to for a long time. Most of the trails were at altitudes of up to 8,800ft which is weird because it is still a desert. Deep sandy gorges, miles of challenging rock trails and a few near impossible hill climbs soon bring you back to the humiliating reality of your limitations. But the adrenalin rush of just being out there in the middle of nowhere testing yourself in the high desert conditions is what I call “being fully alive”. The one thing you learn in that hot dry place of endurance and exhaustion is… Without water your body begins to dehydrate rapidly. You begin to misjudge critical situations. Your reflex movements lag as you desperately concentrate to focus on the right line to take ahead. One bad decision at high speed and you are set for disaster. Fatigue causes you to focus downwards rather than focus on what is out before you. Well, I survived the ride thanks to some good mates and a 2 litre camelpak water bag on my back. Without friendship and a regular replenishing of water you would die in the desert. […]

G’day from Steve

September 20th, 2009|G'day From Steve, Latest News|

The Joy of Jet Lag. “Our greatest fear as individuals and as a church should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter.” Tim Kizziar Jet Lag is never good. Especially when you arrive in a country on the other side of the planet and have to get straight to an early Sunday morning church service to sing. I’m grateful for a good strong coffee and more importantly a reason to wake up every day with a purpose to life. That reason is Jesus. Not just knowing about Him but knowing Him in my life. I would never want to go through life doing anything else but serve Jesus and see people’s lives transformed by His love and forgiveness and power. Even with jet lag I want to be about the work of His Kingdom. I would rather be a poor man serving Jesus than a rich man serving my own means. I would rather be weary fighting the good fight than well rested in my own irrelevant accomplishments. I would rather die for the cause of Christ than live for myself. […]

G’day from Steve,

September 14th, 2009|G'day From Steve, Latest News|

Turning 50 and Pooey Nappies. September 14th, 1959. 50 years ago today at 6.30am Margaret Joyce Grace gave birth to her first son Stephen at the Poplars Hospital in Epping, a suburb of Sydney NSW. Mother and child were both well. It was the beginning of my life on planet earth. I have now reached the 50 year milestone. But….. today! Yes this morning at 6.30am on this day of my Jubilee I was woken by this bright little face saying “Uncle Steve….pooey nappy.. pooey nappy.” And so it was. my duties as a fully fledged 50 year old started out changing a very, very loaded nappy (I think American’s call them diaper’s) for my beautiful little niece Mikayla. Welcome to being 50. “Thank you Uncle Steve”. A job well done. Another happy clean bottom!! It was time to make Aunt Kerrie a nice coffee and get some breakfast happening. It seems while I was away in America our niece’s Mikayla (2) and Jessica (1) moved in for a few weeks. Kid’s kinda change everything but we love it. They are a constant work in progress and continually need a nappy change and a good clean up. […]

G’day from Steve,

September 7th, 2009|G'day From Steve, Latest News|

“And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God”.     Micah 6:8 G’day from California, all week we have looked north at the San Gabriel mountains enveloped in smoke and ash from weeks of unstoppable fires. A sobering reminder of the February fires in Victoria, Australia. Temperatures and winds have made it almost impossible for fire fighters to contain the destructive flames. Today the heat subsided and we pray that California will see an end to the disaster. Lives have been lost and homes destroyed. Hundreds of square miles of wilderness decimated for many years to come. The cost to an already bankrupt State in recession…. enormous. […]