G’day from Steve,

July 27th, 2009|G'day From Steve, Latest News|

Why I love Joyce Meyer!! One thing that totally impressed me about spending some time with Joyce Meyer these past days was her husband Dave. He is an amazing bloke. He loves the Lord. He is strong and wise, he is humble and gentle. He loves his wife and his family and most of all he has recognized the unique calling God has placed on his wife and released her to be all that she can be for God’s kingdom. I love that. It shines out so brightly in their relationship as a husband and wife. His words to the men of Papua New Guinea this week about how we as men should treat our wives spoke so clearly to a nation.. and to me. […]

G’day from Steve,

July 21st, 2009|G'day From Steve, Latest News|

Greetings from Mt Hagen in the New Guinea Highlands. Sorry for the delay. The internet is hard to find and all still on dial up. Thanks for your prayers. Kerrie and I have been blessed in our 28 years of marriage with 3 sons, Cheyne, Ryan and Jordan. We often feel like we have learned much more from them about faith and life than what we have taught them. They constantly speak into our lives and inspire us to keep going in this unique calling. Despite their parental guidance on this unpredictable faith journey… they’ve turned out to be great young men!!! We’re proud of them. To minister on stage with Jordan these past few days has been a great honour for me as a Father. To see Jordan serving local churches, Pastors and the people involved in the major events here in PNG has been a great joy. I love the words of Paul who though imprisoned and restricted from all that he longed to do, never stopped encouraging young men to accomplish great things for the Lord. As parents we either “release or restrict” our children as they grow. Paul’s words of advice and exhortation were always filled with a releasing spirit that built great discipline and faith into young men’s lives. Our churches grow when we “release” people into their anointed callings. When we “restrict” we become condemning and religious. That was never God’s plan. I love these words from Paul. […]