G’day from Steve,

April 27th, 2009|G'day From Steve|

  “A thief comes to kill, steal and destroy but I have come to give life and give it more abundantly”.  John 10:10 God’s purposes are fulfilled in us because of what Christ has done! He has called us to live abundantly and never look back. In Christ is victory over the enemies exploits. The enemy will try many ways to undermine the work God has called you and me to do. Some times it will be a blatant attack through our own sin or the failures of others, it can be physical sickness or financial set backs. Sometimes our own selfishness can get in the way. We live in a fallen world in need of a a Saviour. His Name is Jesus. […]

G’day from Steve,

April 19th, 2009|G'day From Steve|

Another road less travelled. This is the southern end of the Tanami Track. Thanks for your interest, prayers and support over the past few weeks. I get to see Kerrie, Ryan and Jordan in a few days. Cheyne leaves to go oversees tomorrow. I’m writing this at 2.30am Monday after a busy weekend of a concert and 2 church services in Mt Isa. It was good. Someone must be praying as we saw God moving in people’s lives at each meeting. People who desperately needed the hope and life that only Jesus brings. […]

G’day from Steve

April 13th, 2009|G'day From Steve|

In August, 1994 I did a concert in a squash court / gymnasium in Rockingham, Western Australia. That night Joseph Briggs, the regional co-ordinator for the Jehovah Witness’ was playing a game of squash with his teenage son. He arrived at the centre and was intrigued by all the lights and PA,  after the game he sat down in the back row to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ presented like he had never heard it before. He went home and shared the message with his wife and from there began a search for truth. Within weeks Joseph and his family had come to a faith in Jesus. The real good news is they have never looked back. I met with the Brigg’s family a few weeks ago and they are still shining with the joy of their salvation. Joseph told me that he had been trapped in a religion of works most of his life till that night in 1994. Praise the Lord for the wonder of God’s faithfulness in Joseph’s life all these years later. Let’s keep serving and loving people into God’s Kingdom. There is no greater call. […]

G’day from Steve,

April 5th, 2009|G'day From Steve, Latest News|

A young man called Ben came forward at the end of the concert in Bourke, Outback New South Wales and gave his life over to Christ last night.   After a 2 day drive to get to Bourke from the Sunshine Coast, Qld, we were weary. Strong head winds and narrow uneven roads made the journey hard work in hot weather.  But the joy of praying with Ben made it all worth the challenges of recent days.  Ben has been on the road travelling for two years in search of meaning and purpose to life.  He was visiting a friend in Bourke who dragged him along to the concert, now he has a new faith in Jesus. Today we head for Broken Hill and onto Alice Springs.   […]

G’day from Steve,

April 1st, 2009|G'day From Steve|

Sometimes you don’t realise you need a rest until you try to have one! Sorry this Prayer Points is late, we needed to get away for a few days and simply stop and get refreshed.  We slept for the first two days..  Last weekend was our 28th Wedding Anniversary and also Kerrie’s birthday so it was a good enough reason to escape and also enquire of the Lord for the direction of the ministry.  The past months have been extremely demanding, challenging and tiring as we get to work with World Missions International and the many touring – concert invitations coming in.   […]